Resources – Accessibility and Accommodations in Health Care Settings – Health Care Providers

Addresses physical barriers that may prevent women with disabilities from receiving a mammogram. Provides guidelines, checklists and diagrams.
Provides and overview of the law as it relates to health care facilities. Provides information about accessible examination rooms and accessible medical equipment and answers frequently asked questions.
Provides information about adjustable height exam tables and accessible scales and discusses tax incentives to help fund those purchases. Also suggests ways to improve health care for people with vision and hearing issues and provides tips on disability etiquette.
Provides information and resources for health care providers about the need for accessible medical equipment in the health care setting and discusses and discusses options in selecting exam tables, chairs and weight scales.
The published standards for medical diagnostic equipment contain minimum technical criteria to ensure that medical diagnostic equipment, including but not limited to, examination tables, examination chairs, weight scales, mammography equipment, and other imaging equipment used by health care providers for diagnostic purposes are accessible to, and usable by, individuals with disabilities.